Security & Surveillance

Electronic security systems are becoming more sophisticated. However, the basis of design remains the same: To deter, detect, delay and respond.

We lead by design, identifying threats and designing in mitigating solutions to counter threats to security. We understand that security solutions are individual to each development and one size does not fit all. For this reason, we are vendor independent giving us the ability to offer a truly consultative opinion on the most appropriate solution for our clients' projects.

IP CCTV Systems

Video surveillance or Closed circuit television (CCTV) is employed by various organizations worldwide to protect people, assets and reduce risks. EPSEL offers a complete range of IP Camera CCTV system installation services across all industries and applications. Being experts in data networks, we can design the best network cabling solution on which to build your IP CCTV system. This can include the utilisation of existing network cabling or new structured cabling, fibre optic cabling or wireless CCTV system. Economically, network cameras eliminate expensive co-axial cables, ease of integration and share a unified communication network with data, voice etc.

The benefits of IP CCTV are many including greater resolution and definition of viewed and recorded CCTV images. The most important function of an IP CCTV surveillance system is ability to produce high resolution recorded image. An IP CCTV system also now allows clients the benefits of remote access to view live and recorded images from anywhere in the World within seconds through a smart phone.

EPSEL has specialized team, approved by DPS, for the design and installation of the network and the IP CCTV systems tailored to clients exact requirements to the highest standards of quality and satisfaction. We also offer full transitional design from Analogue CCTV to IP CCTV systems with a focus on affordability in today's economic climate.

Access Control Systems

EPSEL provides stable and robust Access Control Systems from stand-alone single door controllers to on-line systems controlling hundreds and thousands of readers/locks utilising Pin, Proximity readers, Radio frequency devices and Biometric scanner. We also supply & install a wide range of magnetic locks, door opening, closing and release devices which are best suited for the above systems.

Our range includes:

EPSEL Team together with principal companies offer planning advice and full technical support, before, during and after installation.

We are committed to ensure that you get the full benefit of appropriate electronic access control to match your requirements.

Intruder Alarm Systems

From design to integration, Intruder Alarm systems are optimized and scaled to meet your security needs. High-sensitivity alarm systems that guard your enterprise or home area detect and prevent any unwelcome intruder from violating your safety. Intrusion systems can also be integrated with emergency panic buttons and smoke alarm systems.

EPSEL Security team assists clients in exploring vulnerable areas to be provided with such devices.

Gate Barriers & Parking Management Systems

At EPSEL we use cutting edge technology to provide hassle free and effective parking control solutions.

All our Parking Management Solutions are comprehensive and cost effective. Our range of parking control systems includes first-class Parking Management System (PMS), Industry best Parking Guidance System (PGS), hard-line entrance and exit parking gate barriers, eminent RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) access control systems along with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems equipped with High Definition cameras.

EPSEL can provide a complete range of automation solutions for car parking, traffic control, access, and traffic management. With a range of products and accessories from leading suppliers to meet all situations coupled with years of experience in installation & service, we will find the solution you require.

We Provide

Turnstiles & Bollards

Turnstiles & Bollards are widely used in factories, buildings, amusement parks, stadiums, entrances of classified establishments etc. to restrict & control the unauthorized access. EPSEL provides a wide range of Turnstiles & Bollards in high quality materials which is made out of 304 grade stainless steel for the indoor & outdoor applications. For special customized application we do offer our turnstiles & bollards in 316 high grade stainless steel & these products can be installed in marine applications, near the sea shore where the climatic conditions are much extreme. Our outdoor turnstiles/bollards are water protected hence they can be installed for any outdoor applications.